About CF Gaynors

About Us

We are suppliers of Marinades, Sauces, World Grill Oils, Herbs and Spices, Sausage mixes, Burger mixes, Rubs and Crumb-coatings to the Irish Food industry since 1985. A lot has changed since we started with 6 BBQ products 30 years ago. The Food Sector is constantly developing, we have, with our Dutch partner, Verstegen Spices and Sauces become a major player in the sector. That’s through 30 years of innovation, creation of ideas, inspiration, recipes and- above all- providing the very best quality.

Sourcing this quality goes right back to the origin. (Our PURE range is free from all declarable allergens, contains no phosphates and has reduced salt.) We are active in every segment of the food sector...: industry, butchery, fish, fresh counters, food service and retail/ consumer. Our aim is to be front of mind for our customers in providing ingredients, ideas, innovation, and the latest trends, not just for today but tomorrow as well. Food safety, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are therefore at the heart of everything we do.


We carry an enormous range of stock items as well as having the capability to create bespoke products to suit our client’s needs from design through to implementation. Whether you need a tasty sauce, crispy crumb, a spicy marinade, authentic spice mixture or single spices and herbs, we either already have it or we can make it. We have provided top-quality products to every area of the food industry in Ireland for more than 30 years.


Your specific needs might require product to be packed in anything from 30gram stick/sachet to co-pack for retail, to a 1000 litre container to integrate with your existing production system. We can provide you with the right solution for your business.


We believe that the only way to grow our business is by helping our customers to grow theirs. Our team is here to do just that. Between us, we have decades of experience, helping to grow businesses like yours, by providing the very latest trends, ideas, innovation and support. Please feel free to contact any member of the team to discuss how we may assist you.